Naturally Enhanced Aesthetics

Welcome to Harvard Cosmetic Dentistry

A genuine smile exudes oral health and happiness. Dr. Katalin Janosi-Fair, our aesthetic dentist and oral health specialist, has been committed to creating beautiful, healthy smiles in the San Juan Capistrano and Newport Beach, CA communities for over a decade. We are champions of oral health and naturally-enhanced aesthetics that can last a lifetime. Dr. Janosi-Fair and our team have dedicated ourselves to improving oral health and enhancing aesthetics one patient at a time to better our patients’ quality of life.

Harvard Cosmetic Dentistry is solution-driven, patient-focused, and evidence-based.  To accomplish this, we focus our passion on:

  • Listening to and communicating with our patients regarding their individual needs and desires
  • Evaluating each smile in the context of the facial aesthetics to design a harmonious, natural, and pleasing smile that blends with the patient’s face and personality
  • Educating patients to empower them to regain control over their oral health and happiness
  • Preventing dental issues, like gingivitis and caries, before they become costly and painful problems
  • Blending nature and innovation for unsurpassed dental facial aesthetics
  • Using bio-compatible and organic materials that promote oral health

Our formulation of a comprehensive treatment, remission, and prevention is customized for each patient’s needs and wants, and includes:

Dr. Janosi-Fair is an artist, a healer, a scientist, a humanitarian, and an educator. She is a leader among her peers as seeing herself as not just a dentist but an oral health specialist.  She believes in curing common oral diseases as well as preventing recurrence.  Her solid background in biochemistry, her Doctorate in Dental Medicine, and a Masters in Public Health have enabled her to create an unparalleled vision to benefit her patients all over the world. 

Your path to ideal oral health starts at Harvard Cosmetic Dentistry. Please feel free to contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation today!